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When you need dialysis access care, you want state-of-the-art services in a comfortable location. At Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County in Mays Landing, New Jersey, the team provides the men and women in their care with the highest quality expertise and services to address all of their dialysis access care needs. To learn more about services offered at Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County, call or schedule an appointment online today.

Dialysis Access Care Q & A

What is dialysis?

Dialysis is a medical procedure that filters waste from your blood when your kidneys aren’t functioning correctly. During dialysis, your blood is drawn out through an access point in a vein, processed through a filter, and then pumped back into your body.

Preparation for your dialysis treatment typically begins in the weeks or months leading up to your first procedure. To initiate the process, your surgeon creates a vascular access point. Then, your access point undergoes a fistula maturation process before it’s ready to use. After, the physicians work with you to maintain your dialysis and make sure everything is functioning properly.

What is dialysis access maintenance?

The physicians at the Vascular Access Center of Jacksonville partner with you and your nephrology team to maintain your dialysis access and keep you healthy. These are a few examples of the comprehensive services they provide:


When you encounter problems with dialysis access, a fistulagram offers information that helps diagnose the problem. Fistulagrams assess your fistula or graft function by evaluating several factors, such as high venous pressures, low flow rates, and prolonged bleeding.

Peripheral arterial angioplasty

When a vein or artery used for dialysis access becomes narrowed, a peripheral arterial angioplasty is done to widen the vessel and prevent blockage.

Thrombolysis or thrombectomy

Should your access vein or artery become blocked with a blood clot, thrombolysis breaks it down to restore functioning.

What tests evaluate fistula or graft function?

The Vascular Access Centers team offers several services to help identify any potential issues with your dialysis access.

If needed, several treatments can restore your fistula or graft function, including:

  • Peripheral arterial angioplasty: a balloon catheter that helps open narrowed veins or arteries
  • Peripheral arterial stenting: a metal tube that helps open narrowed veins or arteries
  • Fistula maturation assistance: an injected X-ray dye that identifies new fistula issues
  • Thrombolysis (thrombectomy): a procedure that clears an access blockage


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