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If you’re suffering from swelling or pain in your legs caused by varicose veins, minimally invasive venous therapies can eliminate varicose veins and relieve your symptoms. Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County in Mays Landing, New Jersey, offers the most innovative venous therapies for varicose veins, including endovenous ablation and ambulatory phlebectomy. To remove your varicose veins without the pain and downtime of surgery, call Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County or schedule an appointment online.

Venous Therapies Q & A

What are varicose veins?

Varicose veins are unsightly bulging and twisting veins in your legs.

Your veins carry blood from your capillaries to your heart. But doing so is more difficult for the veins in your legs because they have to work against gravity. The veins in your legs are equipped with one-way valves to prevent blood from flowing backward.

When the one-way valves fail or close too tightly, blood can pool and congest in the leg veins, resulting in varicose veins.

Besides treating varicose veins with venous therapies, Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County offers diagnosis and treatment for deep venous issues like nonthrombotic Iliac vein lesions (NIVL) and May-Thurner syndrome (MTS). These rare conditions cause uncomfortable symptoms such as swelling, pain, blood clots, and discomfort.

What problems do varicose veins cause?

Varicose veins can cause a variety of problems in your legs, including:

  • Pain, heaviness, fatigue, aching, or throbbing
  • Burning, itching, cramping, or restlessness
  • Swelling, eczema, and inflammation
  • Ulcers that don’t heal easily
  • Skin discoloration
  • Cosmetic issues

When your varicose veins become painful or visually unappealing, Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County offers corrective venous therapies, like endovenous ablation treatment and ambulatory phlebectomy.

What is endovenous ablation?

Unlike traditional surgeries requiring anesthesia and lengthy recovery times, endovenous medical ablation uses laser or radiofrequency technology to collapse your varicose veins.

This minimally invasive treatment uses a small catheter or fiber inserted directly into the vein with a needle. Each entry point is tiny, and stitches aren’t required, so there’s no downtime, and the risk of complications or infection is low.  

Your endovenous ablation treatment at Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County usually takes less than an hour in an office setting. After endovenous ablation, you can walk immediately and resume normal activity the next day.

What is ambulatory phlebectomy?

Ambulatory phlebectomy is an outpatient procedure that removes surface varicose veins while you’re under local anesthesia. During this procedure, the Vascular Access Center team makes small incisions in your skin and removes the vein, using a special hook or suction.  

This treatment takes less than an hour and doesn’t require stitches. After your treatment, your team member bandages your leg and provides compression stockings, which exert mild pressure on your leg to maintain blood flow and reduce swelling.

You continue to wear compression stockings for a short period after your ambulatory phlebectomy.

What deep venous issues do you treat?

We provide treatment for Nonthrombotic Iliac Vein Lesions (NIVL) in Chronic Venous Disease (CVD), as well as May-Thurner Syndrome.

May-Thurner Syndrome, also known as iliac vein compression syndrome, is a rare condition in which compression of the venous outflow of the left lower extremity may cause discomfort, swelling, pain, or blood clots (known as deep venous thrombosis) in the iliofemoral vein. In this case, an Intravascular Ultrasound would help to place an iliac stent in the iliofemoral vein to correct the compression and open up the vessel and improve pain and swelling.

To learn more about venous therapies at Vascular Access Center of Atlantic County, call or schedule an appointment online today.

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